Vienkiemis tavern

Vienkiemis tavern

Two cafes await the guests at "Vienkiemis" homestead: an outdoor one in the nature and a recently opened tavern housing 300 people.

Prepare your stomachs for a real adventure! Ancient Samogitian cuisine will amaze you not only by their names. "Smakalas", "Semenine", "Sheperd's dinner" or "Woodward's dream" - for everyone's resources and appetite. Potato snacks and toasted bread with cheese are accompanied by five beer sorts. Those longing for a hot Samogitian course can have a hearty noble meal on a big tray or a rich "Herring polka".

Gourmans can choose a variety of European cuisine: chicken, turkey and other roasts, scorpion fish, and 7 other kinds of fish as well as crepes and other heartwarming desserts.

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Padvariai v.,
Kretinga d., Lithuania
Phone. +370 445 78425
Mob. +370 685 80891
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You can also visit: Orvydai Farmstead, Salantai Regional Park

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Accommodation: "Vienkiemis" homestead

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2012.09.03 23:10:41 | Vladimir
Overall RatingFoodServiceAtmospherePrice/ValueRomanceSuitable for ChildrenOkay for Children: Kids frozeOkay for Couples: Adults frozeBe Sure to Try: The dinner rolls and the apple clbeobrGeneral tips: We were seated under an air conditioning vent that not only made us uncomfortably cold, but also caused the food to be cold before we could even get the first bite in our mouths. When we complained, they said they knew there was a problem! The food would probably have been good if we could have enjoyed it.TheMouseForLess tips: Be sure you are comfortable with the temperature before being served. Extra Comments: This was the worst meal we had during our 8-day stay! Complaining about our seating didn't get us anywhere. Certainly not Disney's finest hour. If I were you, I'd skip this one.
2015.10.14 14:56:45 | Ferry
Overall RatingFoodServiceAtmospherePrice/ValueRomanceSuitable for ChildrenBe Sure to Try: The rolls.General tips: Dinner is a character meal and thooughrut our meal, we were visited by Pluto, Goofy, Chip and Dale, and Minnie. Some of the characters came by more than once.TheMouseForLess tips: If you have a DDE card use it.Extra Comments: We had a Priority Seating (PS) for 8:35. We were about 40minutes early, but the Cast Member checked us in and handed me a beeper and told us to go inside and wait. We found a place to sit down which was very difficult as the waiting area was very crowded. We waited and waited and waited. We saw several groups that came in after us being called and seated d0 large groups even. I checked and was told 10 more minutes on two separate occasions. We were a party of two and as I later came to find out, there are very few parties of two that come to dine at the Liberty Tree Tavern. Also, it doesnd5t pay to be early for a PS at least it sure didnd5t for us as we were not called to be seated until nearly 8:45. We were seated at a very small table for two against the wall. We were seated for nearly 15 minutes before we were even approached by our server who said he would be right with us. At that point, we probably should have gotten up and walked out. After five more minutes, Raymond came to take our drink orders. He did tell us that he was having problems with the computer which, in my opinion, was not a good enough excuse to let us sit at our table for so long without even coming by to greet us or have someone else greet us. He finally came back with our drinks and then told us he would be back with our salad. The character dinner at LTT is the same for everyone. Why he didnd5t bring the salad with our drinks is really strange because all he did was make more work for himself. I saw the other servers bring salad with the other guests' beverages. The salad dressing was quite tasty and the rolls with honey butter were very good. Spectromagic was starting at 9:00 and had made its way outside the LTT around 9:15 and I could make out some of the floats through the hand-made' panes of glass in the windows. Our table was so small that when Raymond brought out our platter of turkey and ham and beef, Bob and I each had nearly one-third of our plates hanging off the edge of the table. It is truly a miracle that we did not end up with them on our laps. I have to say that the Mashed Potatoes was the best part of this meal besides the rolls. The beef was horribly dry and the ham was less than desirable. The turkey was okay, but not what I had imagined. It was more of a turkey roll turkey breast. After having the great green beans at the Tusker House, these were barely edible. I have to say that Raymond was one of the worst servers I have ever encountered at WDW. I could have probably died of thirst before he finally brought me a refill on my Diet Coke. When he finally returned to clear away our main dish plates and bowls, he told us that the cobbler for that night was Cherry. When Raymond finally brought our check to us at 10:00 and not only was I disappointed in our meal, the service we had received and the horrible table we had been seated at, I had to miss the beginning of Wishes and Bob was really upset at that point. If nothing else, I have learned to tell all the servers that we have dealt with that I have a Disney Dining Experience (DDE) card from the very beginning so we dond5t have to deal with a receipt being run twice. We were able to use the DDE card at the LTT and did receive a discount of $10.05 on our meals.After we were seated, there were two other couples seated in our area and neither one of these couples had to deal with being seated at such a small table. I honestly doubt that I will ever be able to get Bob to dine her again. If I were to dine here again, I would have to make a PS for a party of at least 3 and I hate to lie about my party size, but it was truly ridiculous that we were seated at such a small table and had to wait so long for a table for two.

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