Trakai Castle

Trakai Castle

Grand Duke Gediminas' son Kęstutis built the Trakai Castle in XIV century. It was the first castle complex in New Trakai, consisting of Peninsula Castle and Lake Galvė Island Castle. The XIV century castle consisted of a gothic palace and donjon - a living tower. A defensive wall encircled these buildings. During Vytautas reign, after the Battle of Grunwald, the castle lost its strategical significance. In the XV century it was the Grand Dukes' residence and a place for solemn receptions and feasts. In the XVI century the Island Castle was turned into a prison for nobles, in which noble prisoners of war were kept.

The Trakai Castle was rebuilt in 1955 - 1962 according the project of an architect Bronislovas Krūminis. Today it is a Trakai Historical Museum. The Castle Complex occupies the area of 1,8 ha, almost the whole island. It is joined with the town by a wooden bridge. The complex consists of two parts – a square palace and trapezium forecastle. Both of them are encircled by a defensive fortification with towers. The walls are made of stones laid in rows and strengthened with mortar. The stonewall is made even by brick insertions.

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Kęstučio st. 4
LT-21104 Trakai, Lithuania
Tel: +370 528 53941


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2010.04.26 12:38:39 | Susana Rebordosa Alabau
Please, the schedules might say to me for May 29, to visit the castle and if it is necessary to reserve the visit. Thank you
2011.06.02 07:19:28 | Chris
Waklnig in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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