Švėkšna Estate

Švėkšna Estate

Švėkšna Estate complex is one of the most beautiful and best looked after estates in Samogitia. The complex of the estate consists of: a palace (villa “Genovaitė”), park gates, a park, living houses, kitchen-laundry, remnants of an ice-house, two farm labourer houses, a wheel house, a water mill, a fence with gate posts, a household building, the gardeners house, a granary, “Saulės” secondary school, dairy and storehouse. The park is decorated with the sculpture “Diana” and a sundial.

There is an impressive park near the estate. Both parts of the park at the eastern facade of the villa are joined by broad main staircase decorated with vases, from which a beautiful lower terrace water line view extends. Here in the island of the central pond the main decoration of the park is still standing – the sculpture of goddess Diana, whose image is beautifully reflecting in the pond's water. There is another view ground at the upper park terrace in the southwest corner. Enclosed with a renovated balustrade, it gives you an opportunity to admire the landscape of Švėkšnalė that gave the name to the estate and the town and its tributary Šalna, encompassing the park from the south and the west. Different parts of the park are combined into a harmonious whole.

Source: www.pilys.lt

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Švėkšna , Šilutės rajono sav.
Tel.: 8 441 62207, 8 441 48204


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