Salantai Regional Park

Salantai Regional Park

Salantai regional park was founded to preserve the landscape of Erla-Salantai-Minija old valleys and their region, as well as numerous treasures of cultural heritage. Fast rivers, unique boulder places, peculiar orderly towns, all this makes the Salantai regional park unsurpassedly charming and remarkable.

The river valleys in the territory of the park are intersected with springs, gullies and openings that present impressive views. Endangered species of plants grow in the hillside forests and natural flood lands. In the northern part of the park there are boulder places of Šaukliai, Kulaliai, Erlėnai, Igariai, where boulders in their ancient positions lie since the Ice Age. Largest juniper bushes flourish in the unique boulder place of Šaukliai, special groups of plants, rare species of birds can be found here. There are a lot of single large boulders.

Salantai regional park is famous for the abundance of archaeological heritage. In the villages Mosėdis, Laiviai, Imbarės, Sauserių, Dauginčių, Martinaičių, Gintarų, Vėlaičių and Kartėna there are historical mounds on which hill fortifications stood in former times. Skaudalių sacred place, Alka hill and Šilalė, Šaukliai, Imbarė, Alka, Laiviai hollowed boulders remind of the ancient pagan temples. Near Mosėdis and Salantai located on Gaidžio hill there remain several historical mounds. Sacred architecture is represented here by Kalnalis, Kartena, Mosėdis, Salantai churches. There are a lot of examples of small architecture which pertain to samogitians such as crosses, chapels and posts with statuettes of a saint. The fame of bishop Motiejus Valančius native Narsėnai, Orvydai farmstead of stone sculptors and the Republican stone museum of the name of Vaclovas Intas in Mosėdis goes far beyond the region.


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Laivių st. 9, LT-97314, Salantai, Kretingos district, Lithuania
Tel/fax.: 8 445 58761


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