Sakalu slenis

Sakalu slenis

9 km from Telšiai on the way to Luokė not far from thee road you will find a log-farmstead Sakalų slėnis. There is a sauna, cosy small beach and a pond where you can use pedalos and rowboats. Over the sauna there are rooms where 6 persons can stay for the night. Also, the farmstead guests like staying in tents.

The owners of the farmstead give a lot of attention to their little guests. There are basketball, volleyball and playing fields. What is more, you can use sports equipment such as bicycles, balls. Fishermen are fond of spending their leisure on the farmstead too.

During the cold period of the year you can enjoy Japanese bath. A fireplace in the hall of the sauna will make you feel warmth, cosiness and romantics. The little visitors of the farmstead will have good conditions for skating and sledging.

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Sakalai 1 km
Telšiai dist., Lithuania
Phone: +370 686 64809

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