In our restaurant - brewery Avilys with help of Austrian equipment Beer Lilly Breweries is brewing extra class Premium beer. This is unfiltered beer, made from natural products, fragrant hops. Our guests can taste Avilio light and Honey beer in Vilnius and in Kaunas, but dark Korio beer we are making only in Vilnius.

Contact information

Gedimino Ave. 5,
Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: 8 5 212 1900

You can also visit: CAC, National Museum

Nearest services

Entertainment: Misija Straikball
Accommodation: hotel Karolina

Other services: Vilnius Airport

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2012.09.03 18:22:55 | Macrosonges
Hi PJ sitting here wtiahcng the angry skys rolling across the lush Garioch landscape and thought i'd check on your progress so are you in Belarus yet?Sounds like its not as easy as I imagined about rocking up to a place and finding a place to lay yer hat for the evening must say that would piss me off big time after a days cycle to find the Inn full signs up everywhere. Absolutely no truth in the rumour that I am phoning ahead of you telling everyone to lock up their daughters and board up there windows shocked at how the rumour even started! Hope the wind is more in your favour than not take care.Maxi.
2015.10.14 15:17:45 | Madi
Wow. Just found Seartu, China, by floating arnoud. You gotta check it out. It's a large oil and mineral production city... mindboggling. Harbin is the major inland city in the northeast portion of Cina (between the Korean Peninsula, Mongolia and Russia). Saertu is NW of Harbin on the rail line. Enjoy.

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