In our restaurant - brewery Avilys with help of Austrian equipment Beer Lilly Breweries is brewing extra class Premium beer.  Malt is a base element of beer and conditions his flavour. Hops is a contrast for sweet of malts. They gives for beer vertiginous aroma. All the process of beer making last over 30 days and nights. We offer for our guests trip round brewery, tastings of beer.

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Vilniaus St. 34,
Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel.: 8 5 37 207 552

You can also visit: Kaunas Zoo, Devil's Museum

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2011.06.02 15:44:13 | Philinda
TYVM you've solved all my pbrolems
2012.09.04 07:19:54 | Ashraf
All the Pollon bashers must live on anhtoer planet. I've lived in a lot of place, in many parts of the country -both city and rural, and in each case the local farms and cattle ranches were being decimated - disappearing to make way for huge housing developments. Those that were left, were in areas that were troubled by pollution -as in contamination due to runoff of animal feces and huge amounts of nitrogen based fertilizers that got into the local streams, and underground wells (groundwater). It was my profession to know all these things. Free Range Farms???? What Planet do YOU live on??? The only remaining farms that I see were either small local -just surviving - or huge Commercial Farms with crops of GMO corn and GMO soy. My point being that there are rapidly dwindling numbers of FREE-RANGE-Grassy-Plains-And-Knolls cattle ranches/farms, and a growing number of "commercial animal factories". The difference is that the animals are kept in a very contained small area and fed "grains" instead of grazing - and they start feeding this way from the beginning. The open grazing stage is all but eliminated. If I remember correctly, many of the cattle were imported (Canada?) where there are still some grazing farms left - and then they were sold to these animal factories for fattening up (on hell knows what? GMO crap and pellets made from other-animal-body-parts! Hello - which is why there is an epidemic of Mad Cow. And if you are in denial that we have a Mad Cow Disease problem -then YOU can eat the beef and let your brain turn to swiss cheese! Enjoy! As for me if I were a big beef consumer I would(as many of my neighbors have done)? I would go and SEEK out a "local grazing farm", if you can find one in your area... find out how their cattle is raised, and then only buy from them if their cattle is fed natural grass or non-GMO feed. Pick a cow, have it dressed by a local butcher, share the meat with your neighbors or family. It is becoming almost as popular to do this as Co-op/ "Subscription" Farming. So if the USDA doesn't take an active role in protecting our food supply then we need to become more pro-active on our own. Yes I DO eat beef - but I know EXACTLY where it's coming from! If USDA or other governing body actually forced these cattle ranchers/ associations to implement a very in-expensive test on ALL cows - it would be no surprise as to how many sick cows that actually make it to the slaughterhouses and to our local supermarkets! ) Whoever wrote "..drive around the country ... notice those Grassy Hills?..." well hello! I don't know what freaking planet you live on... but those beautiful Grassy Hills that once were???... are now owned by huge developers - and thousands of $500k+ homes clutter those grassy hills.." Whoever thinks there are still Non-GMO, non-industrial farms left??? Get a Grip. Get Real!

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