Kaunas TIC

Kaunas TIC

Kauno TICKaunas city has five tourist information centres. The Tourist Information Centre will be able to assist you in planning your leisure time and will give you advice and information on a whole range of services and facilities on offer, both locally and nationally. A friendly team of information staff invites you to know more about the history of Kaunas, to visit places of interest, give advice where to stay, entertain, make reservations, organizes guests free time, provide guide services.

Internet address
Homepages: www.kaunovartai.lt, visit.kaunas.lt, www.turinfo.lt

Information for contacts 

Laisves av. 36, Kaunas 
Phone: +370 37 323436 
Fax: +370 37 423678 
E-mail: info@kaunastic.lt

Kaunas Castle
Pilies st. 17, Kaunas
Phone: +370 37 221651
E-mail: info@kaunastic.lt

Kaunas airport
Karmelava, Kauno r.
Phone: +370 616 50991
E-mail: info@kaunastic.lt

     Rotuses sq. 29,
     Kaunas, Lithuania
     Phone/fax: +370 37 321112
     E-mail: info@kaunovartai.lt 

     M. K. Ciurlionio 15, Kaunas 
     Phone: +370 37 408410
     Fax: +370 37 408411
     E-mail: info@turinfo.lt