Folk Life Museum

Folk Life Museum

 The Open Air Museum of Lithuania in Rumsiskes is an exposition in the open air. The core exhibits of this museum include dwelling houses, farmstead buildings and folk art monuments transferred from all ethnographic regions of Lithuania, Aukstaitija, zemaitija, Suvalkija and Dzukija, and reassembled in a 175-ha area, in a beautiful location near the Kaunas Man-made Sea and Praviena rivulet. Some of the buildings were constructed 200 years ago and earlier. They acquaint visitors with the mode of life as well as housing construction and equipment techniques of people during various periods.

 140 buildings are exposed as farmsteads and villages while town’s buildings are grouped around a square. The farmsteads show fences, draw-wells, gardens or parterres. The majority of interior expositions display restored household articles and furniture, cloths, kitchen utensils and tools typical to one or other period. The museum also invites to active expositions where weavers, wood carvers, potters and other craftsmen work.

The museum was founded in 1966. It was opened for visitors in 1974. The length of review excursions is 6 km. The museum hosts museum collection and individual folk artists’ exhibitions in its exhibition hall.

For visitors convenience the museum offers an ancient tavern and a tearoom. On weekends and during holidays the museum hosts concerts of folk companies.

Open Air Museum of Lithuania