L‘Ambra Rossa

L‘Ambra Rossa

You are kindly invited to spend an evening in a cosy environment of the restaurant L‘Ambra Rossa“. Friendly and first-class service, the subtle interior will suit both the individual event and a business meeting.

Dishes are prepared in the kitchen of the restaurant from the products of the highest quality only in accordance with the traditions of the classical European cuisine, giving priority to the menu of the Mediterranean Sea. The menu is constantly supplemented with special seasonal offers for food and wine, dishes of the month and the latest deserts. The table has already been laid. Do you feel like having a meal?

Contact information

Vanagupės Str. 31,
Palanga, Lithuania 
Phone: +370 46041199
E-mail: hotel@vanagupe.lt
Internet address: http://www.vanagupe.com

You can also visit: Sea Museum

Nearest services

Accommodation: hotel Vanagupe
Other services: Vanagupe conference centre, VanaSPA

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