Įlankos sodyba

Įlankos sodyba

"Įlankos sodyba" is a grange on the bank of Bebrusai Lake, in Molėtai district. It is a perfect place to relax, to meet with people, to organise children camps, parties or seminars. The grange is open not only in summer but also in autumn, spring and winter.

Here you can enjoy a trip in ‘Švyturys’ ferry or spend time in sauna ‘Pokštas’ with water slide, Russian and Norwegian bathhouses, Robinson Island and a speed boat. Children can enjoy pedalos and cart/sledge drawn by a pony or a horse. Curious guests can admire black ceramics or even try to mould out of clay.

People are allowed to build tents in the grange. The grange can offer:
-55 beds;
- 4 houses;

Contact information  

Šaukšteliškių vilage, Molėtų district., Lithuania
Tel.: +370 686 38019, +370 699 87669
E-mail: linase@delfi.lt


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2012.10.06 16:38:44 | Sanju
Hi Karen, I can confirm that we have got it. I did send an email to you, and have just wrtiten again. I hope you got our response this time!
2015.12.14 08:56:09 | Eugeniusz
Wow, you're in Facebook?? Even I'm not that bad! Just kidding I'm worse! My house isn't as clean as yours, altho the week I got back from book camp I dterosfed both the freezer and the drinks fridge. I was quite proud of myself but didn't deserve to be, as they were both so in need of defrosting it was getting hard to close the door! Pretty bad when you procrastinate on your procrastination techniques, eh? Anyway, glad to know that even a prolific dynamo like you goes through phases like this. It should (altho not sure if it will) make me feel less guilty for being such an unproductive slug!Cheers!Paulette

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