"Vienkiemis" homestead is situated near the Kretinga town at the bottom of the river Akmena beside the Kurmaičiai pond. The territory covers 5 hectares. This place kas now long been a favourite holiday resort for visitor from number of countries including Ireland, Germany, Holland, Spain and Italy.

"Vienkiemis" is a perfect resort for families, individuals, people on business trips and conferences. It is a good plave for parties and New Year's Eve celebrations as well.

While staying at our homestead, you will have no need to cook as there is a restourant for 40 people at your service offering Lithuanian and foreign cuisine. At outdoor cafe is open during summer time. This spring a new tavern housing 300 people and a conference hall for another 70 was opened.

Visit "Vienkiemis" homestead all year round - you are bound to have a wonderful time and a good rest.

Contact information

Padvariai v.,
Kretinga d., Lithuania
Phone. +370 445 78425
Mob. +370 685 80891
Internet address:

You can also visit: Orvydai Farmstead, Salantai Regional Park

Nearest services

Eating & Drinking: "Vienkiemis" tavern

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I don't know who you wrote this for but you helped a brhteor out.
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Nice post. I've been watching your wetsibe and I'm impressed! Found a lot of useful information here, especially the last part about homestead flocks I'm especially interested in that and have been looking for information about it. Thanks, and best of luck!

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