Grūtas Park

Grūtas Park

When Lithuania regained Independence, most of the ideological statues of soviet era were removed, and were heaped in warehouses and yards. In such conditions many of the statues were damaged, and they may have been totally destroyed in the future, as happened in the neighboring republics.

But when Viliumas Malinauskas won a competition in 1998, the first works to prepare a museum of soviet expositions began. On 1 April 2001, Grūtas Park was officially opened.

Until now no museum or other cultural institution have made efforts to collect and properly display soviet relics. The statues are placed in two-kilometer long exposition, where watch towers, fragments of concentration camps and other details remind us of Siberia. Grūtas Park takes the area of 20 ha, and displays 86 statues created by 46 authors.

Young visitors of the park will be able to have fun too. The soviet era attraction park in the museum will let them enjoy themselves in swings and imagine how their fathers and grandfathers used to play.

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Grūtas, 66441 Druskininkai, Lithuania;
Tel.: +370 313 55511;

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