Looking for conference room or place for presentation? Hotel Rinno offer you 60 m2 conference room. Free of charge: TV, CD/DVD, wireless internet connections, flipchart and paper. Additional services multimedia projector, coffee / snacks / lunch / banquet.

1 room.
30 persons.

Contact information

Vingrių str. 25,
Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +370 5 2622828
E-mail: info@rinno.lt
Internet address: http://www.rinno.lt

You can also visit: CAC, Pilies Street, St. Anne's Church

Nearest services

Entertainment: restaurant Avilys
Eating and drinking:
Accommodation: hotel Rinno

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2012.09.03 23:33:58 | Youyou
hey edi, I,ve been reading your smasnihg magazine for 2 years and it is my die heart request to print the poster or pinup of katy perry and fawad khan.in the march edition i like the recipe of chocolate log cake and my last request to you is to print my mail in the april edition as it is my first mail,in the end i just want to congragulate you for your grand success
2014.12.19 12:42:31 | Jenny
I've been here testing all the beta's, I came from HD 4.6, all the beta's kept gitteng better and better, the final 5.0 I thought was a huge improvement for page loading. I had to reply beta 5.0.1 is even BETTER, I've been using it for a few hours now and it is amazing. What I found is that after I downloaded the apk file and HD opened, I then closed it and cleared out all items (I checked cache, history, etc.,.everything). Then I re-opened HD browser and I could not believe how much faster the pages were loading. I can only speak for me and my phone but all the pages I had bookmarked loaded quicker then 5.0. In fact I deciced to go to some websites I had not gone to on my phone Ex Petsmart.com and it loaded up so fast I was extremely impressed. The reason I am so impressed is because I normally load using desktop (using dolphin toogles) so I usually expect pages to be a little slower but 5.0.1 is better than 5.0 for me. Keep up the great work, I have no problems so nothing negative to report on page loading. I still wish the text would auto wrap when you pinch and zoom (dont want to use pinch/zoom icon on screen) I miss this feature from 4.6. I have an HTC so I am use to stock browser when you pinch and zoom the text will auto wrap. On 5.0 and 5.0.1 you can pinch and zoom and then double tap to wrap the text which is good but it's just another step, wish the text would auto wrap by itself, this feature WAS on your HD 4.6 but then disappeared on all the beta's and now on final so I am assuming you will not put it back in. Otherwise this is best beta 5.0.1, I hate to call it beta because it's like a final, good job. I'm staying w/ Dolphin HD. I'm using HTC Droid Incredible 1 Froyo 2.2 stock (not rooted)

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