Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is one of the oldest cities in the Baltics. The city features a magnificent combination of past and present of Lithuanian history. Narrow and winding streets, small parks, numerous churches make city’s old town so charming.

Vilnius was forming as a centre of tolerance where people of various nationalities, including Poles, Byelorussians, Russians, Germans, Jews and others, settled and lived in harmony. It also enjoyed prospering crafts and trade.

 We are proud that the Old Town of Vilnius, called the architectural pearl of Eastern Europe, is on the List of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. There are plenty of the most beautiful South and West Europe architecture styles – gothic, renaissance, “Lithuanian baroque style”, that is called one of the latest strong baroque style in Europe.

Contemporary Vilnius is the fastest growing and advancing capital in the Baltic States, aspiring to be the most attractive centre for business, political and cultural meetings and events in the region of the neighbouring countries. The city enjoys a well-developed infrastructure of services and entertainments – it has plenty of accommodation, catering and leisure places of various levels. Vilnius is home to the majority of national art and cultural institutions and companies as well as artists.

Why is it worth to have a walk in the old city? There is something that attracts you, there is something thrilling and exciting in this city. Use a guide services or ask for help in the centre of information to visit the most famous places in Vilnius.