Ch. Frenkelis Palace

Ch. Frenkelis Palace


Ch. Frenkelis Villa (Palace)

Vilniaus St. 74, Šiauliai

Ch. Frenkelis Villa is the only architectural monument in Šiauliai and one of a few in Lithuania built in the Art Noveau (Modern, Secession, Jugend) style. Interiors of the building distinguish themselves with ornate wooden decorations, stuccoworks, imposing fragments of frescos. One part of the exposition “A Provincial Manor and a Town” creates the stylized environment of estate. There are 4 galleries (Eastern Art Gallery, the Kings Gallery, the Landowners' Gallery and The Gallery) and 4 halls, devoted to interiors (The Library, The Yellow and The Green Salons, and The Dining Room). The other part – “The Provincial Town” – introduces retro cinema hall “Kapitol”, reconstructed fragment of the street and a shop from the 3-4 decades of the 19th c. The exposition “Jewish Heritage in Šiauliai: the Merchants Frenkelis“ is devoted to the owner of the Villa, prominent manufacturer Ch. Frenkelis.

Opening hours: Tue–Fri 10 am–6 pm, Sat–Sun 11 am–5 pm

Ticket – 6 Lt

Guided tour (please, order beforehand) – 40 Lt

Audioguided tour in English – 30 Lt

Education (please, order beforehand) – 6 Lt


50% discount for school-children, students and pensioners.

Free admission for preschoolers, pupils from Children's Homes, disabled persons, museum specialists from Lithuania, ICOM members, the members of Šiauliai Aušros Museum Friends' Club, teachers leading the groups of schoolchildren, the groups of socially supported schoolchildren (the list should be presented). Other services of the Museum – with 50% discount.


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