Cats Museum

Cats Museum

The museum was founded in 1990 at Young Naturalist’s Centre. The museum was established by Vanda Kavaliauslkiene, who was collecting exhibits for the museum many years. The first exhibit – a little black wooden cat came from Poland in 1962. There are over 10 000 exhibits in the museum. Visitors are greeted by cats in stained glass, on stair handrail, on the lamps, etc...

Here visitors can get acquainted with cats, their breeds and character features. The museum features exhibits from many countries throughout the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, China, Portugal and Taiwan. There are miniatures of both male and female cats created from porcelain, glass, amber, marble, crystal etc.

Children pictures, artistic photographs, works of professional painters and other items are also presented in the expositions. Visitors are greeted by a beloved cat Mikis, which is considered to be the head of the museum.

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Jaunųjų gamtininkų stotis, Žuvininkų g. 18, Šiauliai, Lithuania;
tel.: +370 41 523883; 


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Weeeee, what a quick and easy soltuion.
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If you like Botanical Gardens there is another large one in Brooklyn, ealsiy reached by subway. Some common exhibits to the Bronx like the rose Garden thats will peak in about a month or two and some very different thugs like the Bon Sai exhibit. Was this answer helpful?

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