Burbiškis Estate

Burbiškis Estate

It is an estate ensemble of the end of XIX century and the beginning of XX century. At the beginning of the 20 century the stone granary was remade into a living house. Other buildings adjoining to it as a kind of fortress of a romantic style make an enclosed yard.

This estate ensemble belongs to Dauguvenė's cultural and historical museum-reserve founded in 1990. The park of the estate has impressive ponds with 15 islands and takes the area of 28 ha. The bridges are rebuilt, the old roads and paths of the park are also restored and it has trimmed green plantations. The architectural ensemble of the estate is almost completely renovated.

In the territory of the palace there are sculptures of grand duke Vytautas the Great, poet A. Mickevičius and Saint Mary. Watch hills are made in the island of the great lake and on its shore, beside the palace there is a boat jetty. 23 varieties and forms of plants grow in the park such as savin juniper, european larch and other. 40 species of birds live there.

The historical exposition of Burbiškis Estate is exhibited in the old Baženskis Manor which is mentioned in historical sources from XVII century. The buildings of the manor remind of a fortress. In the restored guests' part of the ensemble there is a guest house, in the porch of the palace there is an exposition of the history of the manor. The park has paths, the islands of the ponds are joined by 12 bridges.

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