Astravas Estate

Astravas Estate

According to the design of an architect T. Tišeckis, a beautiful estate palace of the late classicism style was built in Astrava . The interior decor, the impressive representative hall, two other halls are especially impressive. Today the palace is renovated, at the entrance there are decorative sculptures of lions made of concrete (the authentic sculptures are at the Kaunas War Museum). Near the palace a park of mixed design was created in 1862. It is surrounded by Širvena lake in the south, a big canal in the north, and ponds on other sides. The park has only local trees such as firs, limes and pines.

The palace is occupied by an administration of a private limited company “Siūlas”, the stable is turned into works, the dogbreeder's house is turned into a shop and living rooms. You can stroll around the park. Also you can look around the first store of the palace from inside. Astrava Estate can be reached by a 525 m long walking bridge over the biggest artificial Širvėna lake.


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Astravo 17, Biržai
Tel. 8 450 31 389


You can also visit: Biržai Castle

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