Liškiava is an old town, located 9 kilometers to the north of Druskininkai on the right bank of Nemunas. According to historians and archeologists, people lived here since the Stone Age. The archeological findings confirm that settlements of primitive societies existed here. It is believed that Jotvingiai, an old Baltic tribe, occupied this territrory.

After the third Partition of the Poland-Lithuanian state, the region beyond Nemunas was given to Prussia. Thus Liškiava found itself on the border, and half of the town parish went over to the other state. Later, when Lithuania regained independence Liškiava was declared a rural district and joined to Merkinė. With the years passing, the town was frequently on fire, it was attacked and pillaged, and in1920, when Poland occupied Vilnius, Liškiava found itself at the state border again.

The main values that remain in Liškiava until our days are archeological heritage, monuments, the Church, a former Dominican Monastery, the belfry and the roadside pole with a statuette of a saint inside. The late baroque church has 11 paintings, among which is a painting of the XVII century and XVIII century frescos. Seven St. Trinity altars are among the most valuable rococo examples in Lithuania.

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Liškiava, Merkinė region, Varėna district, Lithuania
Tel: +370 610 66844


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