Alanta Estate

Alanta Estate

Žygimantas Kęstutaitis granted Alanta to Kristinas Astikas for his merits in the fight against Švitrigaila in 1436. Today there remain an estate palace, a barn, a granary, an ice house and a smokehouse in Alanta. In the estate palace there is an ethnographic museum with more than 300 exhibits. The museum is visited by 2000 visitors every year. Near the ethnographic museum there is an exposition of Alanta museum. The expositions are constantly changed in Alanta Estate and exhibition halls where works of art of Lithuanian and foreign artists are displayed.

The Alanta church has a museum of sacral art and inventory, and in Ukmergės street there is a museum of a painter and musician Mykolas Šeduikis. In the eldership there are a lot of crosses and roadside poles with a statuette of a saint. The chapel in Janonių village is renowned for miracles.

The ensemble of the estate consists of the palace and several stone buildings. Beside it there is a beautiful park with ponds. The palace has a watch tower.



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Naujasodis, Molėtų district.
Tel. 8 383 58 500


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