A5 hotel

A5 hotel

A5 hotel is a three star hotel catering to people looking for excellence, comfort and relaxation in a quiet homey surrounding. The Hotel is located near Ukmergės street which is one of the main arteries of the city Vilnius – Lithuanian capital. There are ten rooms in the hotel that can fit 20 people at a time.

Contact information

Fabijoniškės st. 6-6
Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +370 5 2702409

You can also visit: CAC, Gediminas Tower

Nearest services

Other services: Vilnius Airport

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2012.09.04 04:32:36 | Loli
Dear rumour mngeor, I do have a tent with me but Id much rather a cheap tart, sorry cheap room than sleeping in the tent, though my new Exped mat makes it very comfortable, in fact the only real drag about camping now is getting a shower.I must say your dastardly plan has been working well, until Minsk where it seems to have had the opposite effect, which reminds me of the first scene of Black Adder two.PJIs that frantic searching for DVD`s or of YouTube I hear?
2015.10.14 14:14:47 | Olson
Good Luck All, As a Lithuanian I must apologize for some of my cmrotuynen's acts in regards to the homosexual population. There are a lot of the old guard that remain in power. Unfortunately they still believe it is acceptable to discriminate against people they don't agree with. This generation will soon pass and more a tolerant and open group will proceed them. Just know that many support you. I know my family does.

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